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WhatsApp launches new update - but it STILL does not include the feature you REALLY want

WHATSAPP has pushed-out a new update for iOS users which bundles a slew of nifty new upgrades to the hugely-successful chat app. However, despite the latest leaks pointing to the launch of the ability to revoke sent messages – the feature has yet to appear in the iOS app.

WhatsApp has updated its hugely-popular iOS app – but those looking to revoke or delete sent messages shouldn’t hold their breath.
Instead, the Facebook-owned messenger has rolled-out a number of features around photos.
The latest update to the iOS version of WhatsApp includes the ability to apply filters to the photos you’ve taken within .
You can apply these filters to photos, videos and GIFs, which should make them a little jazzier before you share them with friends.
At launch, there are only five available options – dubbed Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome, and Film.
However it’s not difficult to imagine more filters in the pipeline.
Speaking of photos,  is also now capable of grouping images into albums whenever multiple snaps are sent from the same contact.
That should avoid the stream of photos that currently flood the chat whenever someone fires over a handful in row.
Finally, you can now swipe from left-to-right across an individual message in a thread to reply.
That should prove to be a bit of a time-saver – especially when compared to the previous method, which required users to press-and-hold on a message to load the menu with the option to Reply.
The new features are available on iOS now.
WhatsApp has yet to reveal an Android release date for the next update.
According to sources with knowledge of the company’s plans, the feature is ready to be enabled – but not enabled server-side.
The , which has also been teased under the moniker of ‘Unsend’ and ‘Revoke’, will reportedly allow users to recall all messages that have been sent within the last five minutes.
This includes text-based messages as well as those that include images, videos and GIFs

Sent files with quoted messages and attached documents will also be able to be recalled, as will Status replies.
Unfortunately, there is a catch – only messages that have not yet been opened or read by the recipient can be recalled.
If the WhatsApp recipient reads the message or it falls outside that crucial five minute window, you’re going to have to deal with the fallout of whatever message you desperately tried to revoke.
The hotly-tipped feature’s upcoming release was teased by prominent Twitter account, WABetaInfo.

The popular Twitter account shares information on features pushed-out in the latest beta software releases.
It claims WhatsApp Recall will be enabled in version 2.17.30+ of the app.
WhatsApp recently pushed-out version 2.17.30 to the iOS App Store, however the Recall feature remains turned off.
Responding to queries of whether or not the coveted Recall skills will be switched on with the latest build, WABetaInfo stated: “The code says yes.
"They can wait more, but it’s sure that it can be enabled in 2.17.30.”
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